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We Offer Maintenance Programs for Both Residential and Commercial Properties
A preventive maintenance program is your insurance policy against emergencies that can shut down your business or cause havoc in your home.
A preventive maintenance program lets you project drain cleaning and plumbing expenses as you do your other maintenance expenses and also saves money by ensure a long life for plumbing fixtures and piping and utility bills.
Maintenance programs allow those subscribed clients preferential treatment.
Maintenance contract prices are lower than our regular rates because we can schedule the work at our convenience.
It's easy to set up a preventive maintenance contract.
Here's what we will do FREE OF CHARGE    
  • Conduct an on-site evaluation.    
  • Assemble a history of previous problems.    
  • Determine how often maintenance should be performed.    
  • Give you a written proposal and contract.
Summary of Service Agreement:
  • Preferred customer treatment  
  • Crossroads service agreement customers take top priority over non-agreement customers for emergency calls.
  • 24-hour service line:  plumbers on call for after hours, weekends, and holiday repairs.
  • One complete in home and outside of home inspection of plumbing system per year
  • Peace of mind; knowing that your plumbing has been inspected by a licensed professional plumber.
  • No overtime rates (nights, weekends, and holidays).
  • Saves money on costly repairs by performing routine maintenance on all home plumbing.
  • Prolongs life and increases efficiency of plumbing fixtures.  
Water Heaters:  
  • standard gallon water heaters      
  • check temperature, pressure relief, and gas valves      
  • check elements      
  • clean gas water heater burner assembly and check gas valves      
  • visually inspection electrical connections on electric water heaters      
  • check exposed piping to and from water heater      
  • check shut off valves and vent-piping  
Faucets, Hose Bibs, & Washing Machine Boiler Drains:    
  • check for leaks    
  • check connecting supply lines for leaks and cut off valves for proper working condition    
  • check all fixture drains for any visible leakage    
  • cleaning of aerators    
  • treatment of all open drain lines with Bio-Clean  
Homes with Natural Gas:     
  • check visible cut off valves in good working condition      
  • determine if gas system is in accordance with standard gas codes  
  • check all tank components      
  • check connecting supply lines and angle stops      
  • check for toilet bowl and tank leaks  
Outside valves:      
  • check of outside shut off valves      
  • check of visible outside cleanout condition      
  • check outside for visible leaks  
OPTIONAL SERVICE:     Have complete sewer system cleaned.  This service includes running all vents and main line to citytap (if a clean-out is present).  Also, with this option if the home’s main sewer line from the house to the street stops up within the contractual period a 10% discount will be applied to the service call.   (Additional $130.00)     Tank less water heater flushing and maintenance, includes cleaning solution for proper cycling of unit with flushing of water lines in the home. Resetting of water heater settings.  Removal of trash and debris from screens. Check of thermostat operation on water heater.  (Additional $156.00 with service agreement, $210.00 without service agreement.)  *If valve kit is not installed with tank less water heater, kit installation will be an additional charge.
  • Repair charges necessary to correct defects discovered by this preventive maintenance inspection will be addressed to homeowner with a price to repair.
  • Terms of this agreement can be automatically renewable, unless canceled by either party.
  • The services outlined in this agreement will be performed during normal working hours.  
  • Repair service requested by the customer will also be provided during normal working hours at homeowner’s convenience.
  • Repair workmanship is guaranteed for one year (30 days without contract)
  • Stoppages are guaranteed for six months (one month without contract)- certain conditions may apply.
  • Payment for maintenance inspection per this agreement will be PRE-PAID.  Additional repair charges necessary to correct the defects discovered by inspections will also be C.O.D.        
This Crossroads annual agreement is at one visit per year.  This Crossroads service agreement is to be performed at the convenience of the homeowner each year.  The Crossroads agreement is an annual payment of $150.00.
Summary of Backflow Prevention Service Agreement:  
BACKFLOW PREVENTION AND INSPECTION: The installation and inspection of backflow prevention assemblies for fire or garden sprinkler systems and yard hydrants is a vital component to ensure clean, safe, potable water.  All of these examples require legal backflow prevention assemblies installed and annually inspected by licensed plumbers per state and city ordinance adopted by the International Plumbing Codes.   Cities in Louisiana are strictly enforcing these new codes and because these codes become the responsibility of the customer we are here to help.  
Crossroads Plumbing LLC has a service agreement that can take the guess work, worry and hassle out of scheduling those annual inspections.  Crossroads Plumbing LLC will send a reminder by mail and/or call to remind you when it is time to set up your appointment for your annual inspection.  Crossroads Plumbing LLC also sends the necessary paperwork to your water provider to show proof you are in accordance with these new codes.
This agreement between Crossroads Plumbing LLC and above mentioned client is effective for one year for an annual fee as described below due at the time of the annual inspection.

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